A Fighter For Baltimore

Making a Difference



Jackie Addison is a mother, entrepreneur, and resident in the Belair Edison community.  Jackie works diligently to strengthen her neighborhood and our great City of Baltimore.  She spends her time working as a community advocate in East Baltimore and has served the community in different capacities for over 20 years.  She has organized  several clean-ups and community resource pop-ups for East Baltimore residents.  As Sergeant at Arms of the Democratic State Central Committee, she has led and   organized voter registration drives all throughout the City of Baltimore.                                                                


She is a Board Member for the Belair-Edison Youth Council, the Belair-Edison Community Association, and the HARBEL Community Association.  In 2017, she was recognized as the 2017 Community Champion for her work as a Community Organizer.  In 2018, she was elected by the voters of the 45th Legislative District to serve on the Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee, where she was elected by her peers to serve as the Sergeant at Arms. 


Jackie is a passionate and genuine proven leader who really cares about people.  She is able and ready to serve you as the Councilwoman of District 13.  

"I care about Baltimore and will work and fight hard to represent the interests of the people and that's why I am running to be the next Councilwoman in City Council to represent District 13 and Baltimore City."  ~ Jackie Addison


A Fighter for Baltimore

Better Public Safety

Community policing is essential to improving public safety in Baltimore.  Jackie will work with the community to foster a positive attitude toward law enforcement and to bring back “Officer Friendly” initiatives in our schools and communities. 


Increase Resources for Mental Health & Homeless

Jackie is a strong advocate for ensuring that the homeless population receives support and resources, especially mental health services to overcome homelessness. 

Improve City Services

It is important to recognize that a clean city is essential to all citizens.  Jackie has organized many clean-up efforts and will continue to advocate for better services. 



A Fighter for Baltimore

Jackie needs your help to reach the voters in District 13.  Please help by signing up and getting involved with the campaign today!


Together, we can make a difference!    

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